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July 09, 2008


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noble pig

Wow, I had no idea there are cities on siesta in the U.S....this is always annoying to me when in Spain...glad you had fun anyway.


i think siestas are a wonderful notion and i'd like to incorporate them into my daily life. unfortunately, my boss frowns upon things such as napping at work... :)
looks like you had an awesome little trip, and it's always good to gain more appreciation for home. :)

We Are Never Full

the first time you travel and experience the siesta, you realize just how american you are. we just do NOT know what to do when nothing is open! but, the more you get used to it, the more you realize what a treasure it is and how you wish we had it here in the states!

i think my favorite place you went to is "La Fonda" - just makes me think of Napolean Dynamite (you know, "chatting with hot babes on the internet La Fonda?"

we did a southwest trip a few summers ago and, yeah, ABQ ain't really up there on amazing destinations either!

p and a chronicles

the margaritas seem might good!!

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