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June 02, 2008


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i'm way too lazy to make this on my own, but it's something i have to order at every greek restaurant i go to. kudos to you for making your own--they look perfect!


I'm a big fan of spanikopita (or anything Greek, really). We like to make the little mini versions of these and keep them in the freezer so they're ready to bake when company comes. Love the stuff.


Hi Grace, I'm usually lazy too! What I normally do is make the filling, then just lay the sheets phyllo (with a little butter on them) one at a time into a glass baking sheet. I do about 10 on the bottom, then a layer of mix, more phyllo, etc. I make about 3-4 layers this way. After it's baked just cut it into squares. It tastes exactly the same and cuts the work time in 1/2!
Recipe Girl: what I do like about the individual pieces, is just what you said, being able to store them in the freezer and then pop them in the oven a few at a time when needed. So convenient!


I love the all of the pictures you provide as you go along, (good triangle/bad triangle) so helpful!


My cousins, sister and I were all having a conversation this holiday season about how often we cook our mothers recipes that we used to crave and loved. All of our moms are deceased so confirming information is really tricky. Out of six sisters they all
claimed to have my grandmothers recipe only
they are all different.

Your recipe is as close to my moms. The only thing I do not do is add the mint and dill together. It is either mint or dill. also only nutmeg. I also have to agree on
the cheese. Do not buy crumbled. I usually
go to a greek provision store to get fresh feta.

All my cousins have gotten lazy because unless it is a holiday or we have company the spanikopita gets made in a pan and cut into pieces. When I was growing up we also only did the triangles as cheese not spinach.

We do have one cousin who still makes a whole cheese pie with real dough from scratch. As you can imagine that can not even stay on the table for one minute since
it is so rare and it brings back such great
memories. And the best part is it tastes
exactly the way it did 35 years ago.

Your insturctions are wonderful for a person who has never made them before.
Working fast and neat is the key.

We all bragged on who was faster and better
at making them. Some of our great memories
and conversations come out of the kitchen doing production work. This was a family affair when we had large parties.

One day I will break down and put the mint
and dill together.



Dies ist ein großer Ort. Ich möchte hier noch einmal.

patti iverson

YUM. And that's all I'm gonna say about this! :) plus, merci beaucoup to youp!


I make this every year for my grandmother for Christmas. She loves it. I make it in a baking sheet, as Erinn described above. Your recipe is so straightforward and works every time. Thank you so much!

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