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May 12, 2008


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Tzatziki is one of my all time favorites! You are right, it is perfect for summer. When I make it, I usually shred my cucumbers and I like mine really garlicky. If you can't find Greek yogurt, you can strain plain yogurt using a cheesecloth. That usually gets the job done.

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next to guacamole, tzatziki is my favorite dip/spread/highway to heaven. i guess it depends on whether i'm in a big fat greek mood or hearing a mariachi band in my head. good stuff! :)


always looking for things to add to our summer bbqs, this looks very delish and refreshing!


I've made this a couple of times- we love anything Greek. But your version looks especially yummy!


Mmmm... that Tzatziki looks delish!

I bet it's a perfect dish for when the weather gets warmer.

Thanks for the yummy recipe :)


You make Greek food look so fresh and appetising. I would love to try it out

My Bug Life

Makes a nice refreshing bite! Yummy!


oooh, my mouth is watering :o)

I've made similar dishes, but never with mint. I think I'll have to try it soon!

I love greek food, but we don't eat at the gem of a greek place less than a mile from our house because the 'mystery meat' (as the husband calls it) doesn't agree with him. I love the spit roasted lamb/beef combo and gyros though, and as another native californian can properly pronounce "gyro". Sadly, everyone ELSE here in NY looks at me like I have two heads when I say it.


A nice variation of the recipe!
For my tzatziki I usually roughly grate the unpeeled and unseeded cucumbers, then squeeze the mass to get rid of the superfluous liquid and add more youghurt. What comes out is more of a dip than a salad.


I make a very similar combination (sometimes adding chopped walnuts) and thin it with milk to serve as soup. Its a favorite summer-time first course in my family.

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