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July 26, 2008


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you're an excellent writer, erinn--that's a wonderful and most informative article! kudos to you for suiting up. given my irrational fear of bees, i'm not sure i could've done it. :)


Nice Cover Story!!

noble pig

Oh wow you are so brave. I have never been stung and several people family are allergic...so bees often scare me. These pics are great.


Linked to you from FP Daily.

What an awesome post!! I really like bees and I am envious of your experience. Thanks for the great writeup.


very interesting like to know where can I purches bill's bee products?


how funny...the boy and i just bought a ton of different honeys from bill's bees at the santa monica saturday market!


If you want to learn more about Bill or where he sells his honey check out this link, you can contact him through that site.


Thanks to all for the positive feedback.


Great post! I'm fascinated by bees. Ever since I noticed a major absence of them a couple of years ago. Straight From the Farm had a really good post about bees a little while ago. You might find it interesting.


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