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May 09, 2008


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michelle @ TNS

ooh, i have a package of those same multi-colored heirloom cherry tomatoes. i bought them just for the hell of it, because they looked so fun. i'm trying to find just the right dish for them. one more for the list!


Hey Michelle,
They are gorgeous, aren't they? I bought them for the hell of it as well, just couldn't pass them up. Let me know if you make the dish and how you liked it.


I'm not positive, but I think you might be referring to the old-style Vegetarian Epicure (hmm... not sure about that html tag; sorry if it comes out messy.) The macaroni and cheese recipe in that book is to die for!


I really don't think there's anything more beautiful than heirloom tomatoes! wish I had a garden. :)


That's it! That's the book. Yeah!
That makes me nostalgic...
I'd love to hear about that mac and cheese recipe you mentioned.


Oh yum! I love those '70s cookbooks.


Sadly, I don't have the book (it's my mom's -- big shocker!), so I can't post the recipe. I also tried to Google it, but can't get it. Although I can find a bunch of other people saying they really like the recipe, so I guess it's not just me! Perhaps your mom can find her copy? It's worth looking for.


Yum, Erin. That looks great. I know what I will be making for dinner tomorrow night. Not tonight. It's Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to you and thanks for the yummy recipe.

Lisa I.

This looks so good, I can't wait to make it! In fact, it looks almost as good as your whole site. My friend passed on your link and I'm so glad she did. You have a new regular reader in me. Look forward to the next dish and the next issue.

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