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Pasta In Pisa

Pasta In Pisa

Pisa, Italy

April 01, 2008

Was it the moment or the meal?
We're still not really sure. But I think we both felt like - pinch me I'm eating pasta in Pisa!
We never found the restaurant the hotel recommended but after walking around for awhile stumbled upon this place. I don't even remember the name.
There was only one other grouup eating and they soon left, leaving us with "the man" as we affectionately called him.
A bit gruff and quick to corrrect our pathetic Italian, he stood a few feet from the table, hands clasped in front of him for the entire meal!
I had ravioli Todd had veal scallopini. I don't know if it was because we were so giddy about being in Italy but we both agreed it was the some of the yummiest pasta we've ever eaten.
We'd read that Pisa was the kind of place to go - check out the tower and bail for bigger and better sights. But we both liked Pisa. It's a college town in every sense of the word. The people were really friendly, it was slower paced and just had a cool laid back vibe. We'd defenitely go back.

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